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>  How do I mount the Cheap Camera Mount?
Full mounting instructions here.

>  What cameras are compatible with the Cheap Camera Mount?
The digital camera you own will most likely work with our Cheap Camera Mount.  Most new digital cameras have video function and tripod mount.  Just look at the bottom of the camera to see if there's a small 1/4" screw hole for tripod mount.  Chances are, it's there.  Our Cheap Camera Mount is designed for it.  The Cheap Camera Mount can hold digital cameras up to 3 pounds.  The great thing is that you can use the same camera for the Cheap Camera Mount and for everything else you use a camera for.  No need to buy 2 different cameras. 

>  Where can I mount my Cheap Camera Mount?
You can mount it just about anywhere that's clean, dry, flat, smooth and non-porous.  For car applications, mount on metal or glass.  We've mounted it on the hood, the windshield, rear glass, door, and even our helmets. 

>  How strong is the suction cup?
If properly installed, it's incredibly strong.  Strong enough that we can shake the car with it. 

>  Why does your Cheap Camera Mount come with a tether?
Why does your car come with a seatbelt?  Also, many racing organizations require some type of safety tether. 

>  Can I adjust the angle of the Cheap Camera Mount?
You can adjust camera 210° Tilt, 360° Turn & 360° Rotation.  Ratcheted arm has 140° vertical motion.  With these adjustments you should be able to angle the camera in just about any direction. 

>  Why should I buy Camerace's Cheap Camera Mount over another mount?
Our Cheap Camera Mount performs as well as or better than camera mounts costing many times more.  Your question should be why would you buy anything else?

>  How can you sell the Cheap Camera Mount so cheap?
Well, for one, we're not raping you on our price.  We don't think you need to spend a fortune to be a hero.  We've done everything to keep our costs low from using a cheap website service to almost no advertising.  You won't find us sponsoring events, nor are there Cheap Camera Mount Girls.  We might splurge on that last item in the future though.  We rely on our customers to refer their friends.  Please remember this after trying and loving our Cheap Camera Mount.

>  Alright, I ordered.  When do I get my Cheap Camera Mount?
You'll get it in a few days.  New for 2017, free shipping and handling for all orders.  No crazy shipping surcharges and no B.S. handling fees. 

>  I have a problem with my Cheap Camera Mount?  What do I do?
Contact us and we'll do our best to resolve it.  We have not had a problem we couldn't resolve yet.  We rely on you for our advertising so we work to make you happy. 

>  What guarantees/warranties do you have on your Cheap Camera Mount?
Although we have tested our Cheap Camera Mount and stand by its quality, there is no way for us to know users will adhere to installation directions.  Because of this, Camerace, its parent company and subsidiaries are not responsible for loss of equipment, property damage or injury caused by use of our products.  Product is sold as-is and use is at your own risk.  Please read all  mounting instructions.  However, if you have a problem, please contact us.  You're also protected by Paypal Purchase Protection.  If you're unhappy with your purchase, contact us for a return.

>  I've never heard of Camerace before.  How can I trust you?
We understand.  That's why we take payments through Paypal.  We're Paypal verified.  And you're protected through Paypal Purchase Protection

>  I have a question not frequently asked.  How do I get an answer to my unanswered question?
Contact us.