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Warning: Although we have tested our Cheap Camera Mount and stand by its quality, there is no way for us to know users will adhere to installation directions.  Because of this, Camerace, its parent company and subsidiaries are not responsible for loss of equipment, property damage or injury caused by use of our products.  Product is sold as-is and use is at your own risk.  Please read all installation directionsFailure to read and follow directions will result in failed suction.



1)    Locate a flat, smooth, non-porous surface within range of a tethering source.  Clean area with a solvent removing dirt, wax and other foreign matter.  We use a cotton ball dabbed in rubbing alcohol to clean the area.  Thoroughly dry the area before mounting.  The mounting surface must be clean and dryDuring first use, remove the protective plastic film covering the suction cup and discard.  For subsequent uses, clean the suction cup as you would the mounting area. 

2)    Place the camera mount in desired location.  Make sure at the start of this process, the locking lever does not put any force onto the suction cup.  With one hand, press “PRESS” button with enough pressure to force suction cup down against the surface.  While pressing, use the other hand to gently lower the locking lever.  At this point, there should be a strong seal between the camera mount’s suction cup and the mounting surface.  If not, repeat this step.

3)    Screw camera onto the ¼” mount until tight.  Rotate locking ring platform until snug against the base of the camera. 

4)    Loosen adjustment screws and rotate the mounts to desired positions.  Get creative.  By using all the adjustments, you should be able to place the camera at virtually any angle.  Tighten screws. 

5)    Choose tether method.  Wrap extra tether around to minimize slack.  Make sure tether will catch Cheap Camera Mount from hitting ground, moving objects and you. 

a.    Carabiner – Clip carabiner to an anchor.  Or wrap tether around anchor area and clip carabiner back onto the tether.  A roll bar is an excellent anchor area for using the carabiner as the tether anchor.

b.    Cord lock – Remove carabiner.  Wrap loop created with cord lock around anchor area and tighten cord lock around the anchor.  A side view mirror is an excellent anchor area for using the cord lock as the tether anchor.

6)    Wait 5 minutes.  Yes, it may seem like you have a good suction.  But the only way to be sure is to give it 5 minutes.  Problems will usually show itself within the first couple minutes.  After waiting, double check everything is snug and tight, including the suction. 

7)    Turn on camera and don’t forget to start recording.



       1)  Remove Camera.
       2)  Unhook tether.
       3) Hold onto the entire mount with one hand and with the other lift the locking lever. 
Enjoy your video.  Upload and share.  Send us a link and we may include it on our website.


If you have any questions, you can always contact us at